Moon Letters is a progressive rock band from Seattle featuring

John Allday

(Chaos and the Cosmos)

Mike Murphy


Michael Trew

(Autumn Electric)

Dave Webb

(Wah Wah Exit Wound,


Kelly Mynes

(Panther Attack!,

Bone Cave Ballet)


shot by Peter Hanson

 Moon Letters was formed in 2016 in Seattle, by Dave Webb (Spacebag, Wah Wah Exit Wound), Michael Trew (Autumn Electric), Kelly Mynes (Panther Attack!, Bone Cave Ballet), Mike Murphy (Authentic Luxury) and John Allday (Chaos and the Cosmos).  Their debut album Until They Feel the Sun, with renowned producer Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters), garnered positive reviews in prog and rock press, internationally.  The album was released at Seaprog 2019, and led to an invite to RoSfest 2020.  

      The band would soon begin work on their second record.  Their efforts would come together with Thank You From the Future, produced in Seattle by Robert Cheek (Band of Horses).  The music suggests a more diverse approach, with lyrics exploring personal growth, the future of the world, and sci-fi imaginations of the early space age. 

Our satellite-obsessed musicians humbly hope that these invocations reflect a resoluteness toward life and love. With desire to face that which is needed to overwhelm and overflow the fear and hate so prevalent today, we are at your service.