Moon Letters is a progressive rock band from Seattle featuring

Michael Trew

(Autumn Electric)

Kelly Mynes

(Panther Attack!,

Bone Cave Ballet)

Mike Murphy


John Allday

(Chaos and the Cosmos)

Dave Webb

(Wah Wah Exit Wound,



shot by Peter Hanson

After cracking the lunar syntax, these faithful brethren harnessed a superfluity of hot licks, haunting melodies, and hypnotic rhythms. Upon cohering, they produced a concept album, Until They Feel the Sun, to be presented at length in 2019. Lyrically and emotionally, this first song cycle is offered to be taken at face value or to be held up, before moonlight, to reveal the naked truths within. Good students of hermeneutics might just find eudaemonia within these cryptic minstrelizations. Those with deep knowledge of all things Crimson, Yes, and (early) Genesis, might just find a hook or two to hang their hats on.

Our satellite-obsessed musicians humbly hope that these invocations reflect a resoluteness toward life and love. With desire to face that which is needed to overwhelm and overflow the fear and hate so prevalent today, we are at your service.